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The promise of a better life, an education, a good job and a loving relationship are all enticing promises.


But things aren’t always what they seem.


is a walk-in piece of public art that people encounter on the street.  The outside is like a giant wrapped gift, which draws people’s attention with enticing promises of a better life, great-paying work, travel and education.  Inside, the truth is revealed:

Those promises are lures to entice people into situations of human trafficking.

Visitors to the inside of the box learn about the horrible realities that trafficked persons face and are empowered to take action against trafficking.

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Learn about the impact of human trafficking around the globe, and get the surprising facts about trafficking right here in Canada.

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News from Faith Alliance

Over the past months, Faith Alliance has been working on many levels to raise awareness, inspire action and make progress on Human Trafficking. As a follow up to our Pan-Am Games postcard petition for Provincial action, members of our group met with Kathleen Wynne and her staff to outline what the government can do to support trafficked persons and prevent exploitation. We are now pleased to see many of our suggestions for educational resources, support services and human rights approaches included as the center of Provinces strategy.

We have continued our focus on public outreach and education, taking opportunity to expand the scope of this work. With the help of several faith groups and grassroots partners, we were able to present the GIFT Box project to the Sarnia-Lambton community during their summer arts and culture celebrations. This was a wonderful collaboration with on the ground organizations, bringing many different groups together in action against exploitation. We will continue to offer the GIFT Box project in communities around Ontario.

In addition to this, with the help of the FCJ Refugee Centre and the Mary Ward Centre we have held workshops and presentations on trafficking for youth. Both in school and in retreat settings, we have paired support professionals with people who have experienced trafficking to raise awareness of human trafficking in all its forms. We encourage youth to enter a balanced and global conversation on human trafficking and its root causes, while encouraging their action.

Thanks for supporting and being a part of these efforts to make the world a more equal and just place for all. With your help we will continue to work to an end of Human Trafficking in Ontario and around the world. To stay up to date with our efforts, please check out our Facebook page.

GIFT Box in Sarnia

Faith Alliance to End Human Trafficking, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, in collaboration with the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada, the Ursuline Sisters in Chatham, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, the Sarnia-Lambton Committee Against the Trafficking of Women and Children and the Sexual Assault Survivor Centre Sarnia-Lambton brought GIFT Box to Sarnia, Ontario from June 3 to June 7, 2016.

GIFT Box was open to the public during Sarnia’s summer festival and art crawl weekend. Visitors from Toronto included: Sisters Pat Boucher, Dorothy Schweitzer, Georgette Gregory, Nida Fe Chavez, and Zachary Grant. Over six days, between 300-400 people visited GIFT Box, a walk-in art installation which provides information about the various forms of human trafficking.

This project brought together a diverse group of trained volunteers who were present to welcome visitors, raise awareness on the realities of human trafficking and build a strong network across the community to create real change on this issue. Local church communities, Indigenous elders, provincial politicians, social workers and others came together in a shared interest of protecting the most vulnerable.

Photos and videos of the opening ceremonies of GIFT Box in Sarnia can be viewed on YouTube here. Speakers include: Sr. Georgette Gregory, Sr. Sue Wilson and Michelle Batty.

The Catholic Register published a new feature on human trafficking, the provincial action plan and Faith Alliance’s message of discovering the root causes of exploitation.

Read the article

Faith Alliance is pleased to learn that the Province of Ontario will invest up to $72 million in a human trafficking strategy aimed at increasing awareness and coordination, reforming justice-sector initiatives and improving access to support services.

Our press release

Thanks to everyone who helped make the GIFT Box a success in Toronto!

Some numbers to celebrate:

  • 27 — days the box was open
  • 50 — how many countries visitors to the box came from
  • 60 — attendees to each of two Interfaith services
  • 124 — volunteers
  • 216 — hours the box was open
  • 1213 — people visited the box
  • 4000+ — signatures collected for a petition for a provincial action plan to respond to human trafficking in Ontario
The GIFT Box project was launched by STOP THE TRAFFIK and the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) during the London 2012 Olympics. Since then, STOP THE TRAFFIK has partnered with local and national organizations and government departments around the world to build GIFT Boxes and join in a unique project. GIFT Box has introduced over 50,000 people in approximately 100 locations across 5 countries to the issue of human trafficking and inspired them to take further action. Over 1,400 volunteers have been trained and staffed the boxes. These volunteers have become advocates for the prevention of human trafficking and engaged thousands of members of the public to join the fight. Faith Alliance is thrilled to be joining this international collaboration with Canada’s first GIFT Box!

Faith Alliance to End Human Trafficking

Faith Alliance is a collaboration of religious and other partners working to end human trafficking.

It is operated by the Ministry for Social Justice, Peace, and Care of Earth
of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto in association with

Stop the Traffik UN.GIFT

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